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“The Drought” Live and Dramatic04/07

Dearly Devoted,

Here is the 2nd video in the live performance series my wife and I have created.  ”The Drought” is from last years album release  ”What Is Real”  and was inspired by a radio program I had heard on NPR that discussed our dwindling water resources. As the population increases, large corporations and some of the wealthy 1% are buying up large amounts of clean water supplies in hopes of selling it back to us.  I have listed some resources I found about water problems if you are interested in knowing more, however I still couldn’t find the exact program that inspired the song. I hope you enjoy this dramatic live performance of “The Drought” and if you do please spread the word.  I need your help to be successful.

May your journey be a good one.

Humbly Thankful,

Paul Chase Jr

For more info and programs on water shortage issues follow the links below.





5. You can listen to an interview with Simran Sethi and Maude Barlow right here:


The Next Thousand Years – Live03/24


This weekend was a busy one. My wife Bridgett and had a chance to work with a Nikon D800 for a few days. For those who don’t know this is one of the camera’s they used to shoot Dexter with.  It is a digital SLR that also shoots 1080p video.

The video below is one of the live performance videos we shot during our baby daughters naps. It is set at the end of our garage next to a sound board that is left of an old piano that became moldy and needed to be removed. I disassembled it for parts and plan on doing something fun with the sound board. I’d like to make it a playable piece of furniture.

While setting up for the video I decided to try and incorporate the piano soundboard into the song. So I struck a few notes at the beginning I knew were in key and decided to go with it. It’s always fun experimenting and creating. It was cold out so you can see my breath as I sing and the snow picked up towards the end adding a touch of drama at an appropriate moment in the song. With the high definition camera you can really see it come down in the background. All in all a great time spent with my wife doing something we love while baby Loretta slept.

We shot 3 videos in 3 different settings of 3 different songs and I can’t wait to share them with you. We have more plans in the works for future videos and we both hope you enjoy them.   Here is the first video “The Next Thousand Years”

Here is a little wider photo shot showing the mike placement that was just out of frame.



Live on Google Hangouts and Youtube Live03/18

Howdy Folks,

I am going to start broadcasting live on the internet via Youtube Live and Google Hangouts. I want to know what day and time would be best for those that would like to hangout, chat and hear some live tunes from my studio? I will take into account all suggestions to make my choice. Hope everyone had a great day!