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Changes are a coming!08/14

Just wanted to touch base to let you know I have a few upcoming gigs so check my calendar. I intend to write more after my family and I settle into a new home! see you then!!

Happy Valentines Day! Celebrating love is not just for couples!02/14

Dearly Devoted,

I remember when I was a kid we gave Valentines to all our class mates. We spread the love of Valentines Day and shared it with everyone. Over time we are encouraged to single out only one true love including some smaller variations of love for family, friends and pets. I suppose that is human nature and our adaptability  to survive in a 21st century world. Does it have to be that way? If you are so fortunate as to have someone dear and treasured in your life that you can trust with everything you are as a human being, take some time to think of those in your life that are not so fortunate. Send some chocolates, a card or flowers. Call them and just simply tell them you love them. These are some little things you could do to throw a little love around this world!

Here is a song I  wrote and recorded  called “Valentine” for my wife Bridgett Owen Chase on Valentines Day 2012. On the same day we took our Iphones down to Footbridge Beach in Ogunquit, Maine and filmed the footage for this video! WOW! There was NO SNOW on VALENTINES DAY February 14th 2012 in Ogunquit, Maine!! None. Portland Jetport last reported 73.6″ of snow this season. That is just over 6 feet 1 1/2 inches of snow. We are about to get another 1-2 feet +!!


Hope you have a great Valentines Day!

Peace and Love

New gig’s and some cover’s too!02/12

To the dearly devoted few,

Over the past few months I have been finding my way back to being a working musician. The day came when I was asking myself, “So what am I going to do as my second job?” It didn’t take me long to decide that I would go back to playing covers at bars and mix some of my originals in with it. The bills are stacking up and need to be paid. I didn’t care so much about that before we had Loretta but now things are different. My perspective has changed as it does for many.

Recently I have started full production on songs to be released next year as well as continuing my work with children songs.  (Busy, busy as a bee. Making honey in a big old tree.) I am trying to be more persistent with making videos for youtube and facebook and have put out quite a few new ones. You can dig around for more content. Here are a couple of covers I have done recently. Also If you live around Southern Maine or Coastal New Hampshire make sure to watch my calendar for upcoming shows in your area.

Also Check out Newz by The Nunz If your in Maine for what’s going on in the music scene! Hope to see you soon!

Humbly Thankful,